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Here at youBlether, we have a terrific design team that takes your logo, or develops a new one and any additional artwork you may use and help fashion it into a new you! Whether you’re looking for a new website or just new artwork for a fresh advertising or marketing venture, we can help you visually pull it together. We also have the ability to take the design element to the high-end web-driven development for your website. We don’t want you to miss the one thing most forget, what do people see when they look at your image. It’s “mirror mirror” time!

In rare cases, business design or image that’s neglected leaves you with an impression of a business that’s in a state of neglect. If you can’t take the time to stay relevant graphically, it literally could be the final nail in your business’ coffin. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re serious about keeping up with technology, we can help you create a digital strategy that takes into account printed media, your website, and social media opportunities like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Start with primary objectives for your online presence, just as you did in implementing your website. Typical goals, or “website conversions,” could include: driving more new leads to your sales team, selling more items on your catalog, and getting more people to register for a newsletter. This strategy should determine what role social media will play in achieving your goals or website conversions. Your approach to social media could be radically different depending on your established goals and this will change how you integrate social media into your website.

Let’s hear what Bob Buch – Vice President of Business Development at Digg says, “Each story that makes it onto the front page of Digg gets a minimum of 20,000 clicks back to the publisher. The best stories will get 200,000 – 250,000 clicks. Digg sends 80 million clicks per month to 3rd party websites.” Digg was one of the first social sites to link with facebook.

Information is education. If you give us just a little to run with, we can help you the rest of the way. We will help you with each element from design, web, and even social networking and provide links and tips in linking with other social sites to optimize your marketing.

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